Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please Bring Honor to Us All

One of my favorite Disney movies is Mulan. Probably has something to do with the fact that its one of the first Disney movies where the girl takes her destiny in her own hands..she does the rescuing. she is awesome and fierce and strong..She is everything I want. Plus she gets the guy in the end..whats not to like?

The scene where she goes to meet the matchmaker is epic just because it strikes a chord.

Here are the'll see what i mean.

This is what you give me to work with?
Well, honey, I've seen worse
We're going to turn this sow's ear
into a silk purse 

We'll have you washed and dried
Primped and polished
till you glow with pride
Trust me recipe for instant bride
You'll bring honor to us all 

Wait and see
When we're through
Boys will gladly go to war for you
With good fortune
And a great hairdo
You'll bring honor to us all 

A girl can bring her family
great honor in one way
By striking a good match
And this could be the day

Men want girls with good taste
Who work fast-paced
With good breeding
And a tiny waist
You'll bring honor to us all 

We all must serve our Emperor
Who guards us from the Huns
A man by bearing arms
A girl by bearing sons 

When we're through
You can't fail
Like a lotus blossom
Soft and pale
How could any fellow
Say "No Sale"
You'll bring honor to us all 

There - you're ready
Not yet
An apple for serenity
A pendant for balance
Beads of jade for beauty
You must proudly show it
Now add a cricket just for luck
And even you can't blow it 

Hear my plea
Help me not to make a
fool of me
And to not uproot
my family tree
Keep my father standing tall 

Scarier than the undertaker
We are meeting our matchmaker (my favorite line) 

Guard our girls
And our future
as it fast unfurls
Please look kindly on
these cultured pearls
Each a perfect porcelain doll 

Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us
Please bring honor to us all

Its all comes down to externals. It all comes down to duty. This is what is expected of us. The only way to be useful to society, the only way it seems we can serve our Creator is to be married. Or so that's what "they" say. 

it is not about what we want, but about bringing honor to the family. 
Anyone else relate? 


  1. Firstly, I also adore Mulan. And Eddie Murphy is a scene-stealer.

    Did you note the ending, that she and Shang don't even officially pair off? It's an afterthought, which I thought was important to the story. No swooning, no falling into each other's arms, certainly no rescuing. He's just staying for dinner.

    Reading this, my first thought is "Sabbath Prayer" from "Fiddler." "May you come to be, in Israel a shining name."

    The ending of "Mulan" is that Mulan does bring honor to the family, but not as a wife and mother. We can bring honor the same way (although not by exploding a bunch of Huns), as we wait. (Because who we kidding, we want to be wives and mothers.)

    1. I love that he is so nervous!

      And I would love to blow up a bunch of huns! ;p

    2. Mr. Cool-Dude Shang, at a loss for words. It was fabulous.


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