Thursday, January 15, 2015


I would like to humbly suggest a new phrase into the dating lexicon. We are painfully intimate with the infamous "one and done." Those dates when you come home shaking your head, wondering what the heck the shadchan was thinking. How does this person ties his own shoes in the morning? Does he know that its 2015? Does he hear himself talk? Has he heard of deodorant? etc etc etc...

But I would like to dare suggest something for the dates when you just cant get home fast enough...introducing the " One and Run." For those dates that are just so terrible, so mind numbing, soul sucking, epic fails...for those when "one and done" does not suffice...ONE AND RUN!

I was just talking to my dad, explaining to him about the special kind of hell that is dating. I have many a friend who tell me that the best part of being engaged/married is that you never have to go on a first date ever again! What a mechaya! But then again, what else would we talk about? Some of my best stories are from my dates. My most horrifying moments, my most embarrassing times, and my frankest ( having to break up is not for the faint-hearted).

But I would be remiss if I ignored the good times, the good steaks, the prizes won at Dave and Busters...the excuse to shop...all good things i guess...can't wait to look back it all fondly and say..THANK GD THATS OVER!


  1. "One and Run" is perfection.

    I want to hit my brother because he got married to the first girl, and he's always telling me to be positive when I'm going on a date I know will end badly. Uh, you get to shut up. Like right now. He does not know how horrible it is.

    Then again, we will be incredibly grateful later on . . . so very, very grateful.

    1. I once got dating advice from a girl who was 19 and engaged to her first guy...really cute

  2. Instead of complaining, why not publicly THANK HASHEM and praise Him for the countless blessing and benefits that He surrounds us with at all times, even when we are not worthy?

    Isn’t that what Jews are supposed to do, especially those who claim to be observant and/or Orthodox?

    1. Yes, Mr. Cohen we are supposed to Thank Gd for all that He does and I do..every time the light changes for me or when I get a parking spot or a good grade on an exam...that being said we are also human and allowed to express frustration at things that are difficult. That does not got against being a believer in Gd.


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